I Will Be Good At Dating

November 16th, 2010 § 0 comments

I just heard a philosophy joke. In context, the philosopher who delivered the joke was being asked what Philosophy is. He said he didn’t have an answer, but he did have a joke that he thought might explain it. So here’s what Philosophy is, explained with impeccable British humor…

A young man is going on a date. He’s very nervous. He asks his father, “What will I talk about tonight, in those little dead spaces when no one has anything to say?”

“Remember the three F’s.” he says. “Food, family, and philosophy. You can always talk about them.”

So he goes on his date. After a while, there is silence. Oh dear, he thinks. What will should I say? Food! So he asks her, “Do you like asparagus?”

“No, not really.”

Well, that didn’t go over so well. What’s next? Family. I’ll ask her about her family. “So do you have any brothers?”

“Well, you know, I don’t actually.”

Hmm, I’m not making good progress here, he thinks. What else is there to talk about? I’ve covered food and family. I guess that leaves philosophy. Oh! I’ve got this!

“Well, if you did have a brother, would he like asparagus?”

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