You’d Think That People Would Have Had Enough of Silly Love Songs

February 14th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

But I look around and see it isn’t so

This is not intended to be an exhaustive or authoritative source for Valentine’s Day music. But I guarantee everyone can find at least one song here that they haven’t heard and that they like. I also guarantee that you can find at least one (probably more) that will cause you to judge me. (“Really? David likes this trash?” “Yes, yes I do. Thank you.”)

When I compiled this list, I had three goals:

  • It should touch a wide range of Valentine’s Day related emotions.
  • It should have such music that no one who reads this post will have heard everything on it. There will be something new for everyone.
  • Everyone should be able to like something on the list.
  • It should be a list that distinctively reflects my own musical taste.
  • The list should avoid the cliché but not be afraid of the classic. And, hey, I can be cliché if I really want; it’s my list.

I’ve broken the list down into categories: Anti-Valentine’s, Sappy, a Little Less Sappy, When Love Has Passed, and a few that may or may not reflect my current situation.

Anti-Valentines Day
  • On My Own (Les Miserables is my favorite novel and one of my favorite musicals.)
  • Unbreak My Heart? (Do you like opera? In Spanish? Then this number is for you.)
  • How Do You Leave the One You Love (Couldn’t say, Katherine. You’ll have to figure that out on your own.)
  • I Only Know How to Love (At least, I think this one is ant-Valentine’s. I haven’t actually listened super-closely to the lyrics. But the four-part operatic harmony with full orchestra synthesizer background is amazing.)
  • One Day I’ll Fly Away (Did you know Nicole Kidman can sing? Welp, now you do.)
  • Littlest Things (Lily Allen generally has amazing lyrics.)
  • Hallelujah (Very anti-Valentine’s Day: a musical consideration of an adulterous relationship. Some emotional musical irony. That version is performed by the Canadian Tenors. Here’s a version by Katherine Jenkins and a version by Il Divo in Spanish.)
  • Viva Tonight (Perhaps my current favorite female singer. I just love the sound of her voice. Also, she knows how to use a backup choir.)
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love (A classic, in a fantastic arrangement. Just wait for the key change.)
  • Don’t Let Me Forget (That is some great harmony with some fantastic alto work.)
  • Endless Love (I like it when they sing in two different languages. That way, no one person can understand the whole song.)
  • Come What May (So you know that Nicole Kidman can sing. But with Ewan McGregor? Yes. One of the best songs on this list. Of course, they all are, or they wouldn’t be on this list, but still.)
  • When You Tell Me That You Love Me (Westlife has boyband envy.)
  • The Man You Love
  • How Wonderful Love is (In case you want to hear Ewan McGregor again.)
  • Somewhere out there (Not intended for Valentine’s Day, exactly, but it works pretty well.)
  • Your Love (banal lyrics, but the melody is divine.)
A Little Less Sappy
  • Who’d Have Known (See, Lily Allen still has amazing lyrics.)
  • Birds (Oh, and Kate Nash has amazing lyrics, too. And I hope you don’t mind some language…)
When Love Has Passed

Of course, I have a few songs that I claim as my own this Valentine’s Day. Besides Katy Perry’s Firework and Teenage Dream (No, I’m not kidding), I have to say that this Valentine’s Day, I’m especially digging Titanic Fantasy and If I Had A Million Dollars

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