The “About” page can be the most awkward page of a blog. There really ought to be a rule that this page can only be written by biographers and not by autobiographers. But as no biographer has yet to come to his (or her) senses and write this page for me, I shall humbly do my best.

I am too young to be able to write anything worth reading. At the same time I am just young enough to write regardless. I am enough of an idealist only to take on truly important topics like Calvinism, democracy, and Apple computers. When my writing sheds light and reveals truth, all the blame goes to God. When I lead my audience astray, I claim all the credit. To my vast audience, I make this promise: I’ll take seriously the task of writing on the blog, so long as you don’t take me too seriously.

I can be reached at david@davidthinking.com. Emails are welcome.

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