Untitled – Written Easter of 2006

July 30th, 2013 § 0 comments

Oh I could give the reasons why
A list as long as sees the eye
Of all the goodness found therein
Of beauties shallow and within

But in the end I do not know
whence winds do blow and fortunes go
and why you light my heart aglow
It does not wane, but wax and grow

And so this want to God I give
A sacrifice, this life I live
And will He not then take it now,
For all desire I disavow.

But yet it stays and writes this po’m
And does not fly ‘neath this grand dome
But tortures, tests and bids me wait
Till such a time the feast be ate

Why does He not now make it free?
But bind it to me, bid it be
A ball and chain of thoughts and hurts
as this desire within asserts

And thus, oh soul, I do abide
Though in my pride I have denied
But it is there, deep down, inside
Where for some time, it still will hide.

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