For the Record, it was a Dark Chocolate Tree

July 27th, 2013 § 0 comments

As I sat under the chocolate tree
I thought of what this world was to me
bits of nothings, twisted carefree
in a quest for a bachelor’s degree
(in more ways than one, you see)
But the sun beat down (it was 3:03)
And the tree (it was a fat free tree)
Could not withstand 93 degrees
So it began to drip and run and flee
the solid structure (as it was in theory)

So one day, studying in the University
I thought deep thoughts and much profundity
of shallow things and “all is vanity.”
From the top of the mountains to the sea valley
I traveled and pondered incessantly
But I longed for the shade of my chocolate tree.
Why did the sun, in all its manifest glory
deprive me of the shade of a simple tree
a chocolate tree, (it was so tasty)
It brought such peace (in its lee)
but now is gone, leaving only a cavity
(in my teeth) and I face the sun’s intensity

This sun, the largest of its heav’nly fam’ly,
doth bake and torture none but me
but when looking down at me, wond’ringly
I see that I have become a chocolate me,
melting pleasantly in the violent energy
and, melting done, I flow and pour smoothly
I ebb and flow with currents and eddies
When looking around, suddenly I see
how transparent and thin, this fantasy
is, and how full of empty imagery,
and, though pity I’d felt for the chocolate tree,
I realized the better off it was than had been me

And when I woke (this was a dream, not reality)
I saw that this is, indeed, a fantasy
but unmatched in vibrancy, life, or vitality
and though in me, thoughts were as mere infancy
yet I knew that I was a somebody
moreover, there was a Somebody
Who know all: biology, geometry, futurity
Philosophy, psychology (even theology)
that through existence It traveled comfortably
riding and shaping the seas of time and eternity
Completely acquainted with joy and peace and agony
And sometimes sitting under a chocolate tree.

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