The Troubling Electorate

November 2nd, 2010 § 1 comment

It’s 6:30pm, and I’m at home. Whenever I’m home at 6:30, I like to watch the news. After all, I am a grown man. So, as I write this, I’m watching (with interest) on election night as I get the latest updates. Where I currently live (but not where I’m registered and reside “permanently”) there’s a particularly interesting campaign with Rand Paul. I’m also interested in what will happen to Barbara Boxer and Harry Reid.

But one thing that the news isn’t reporting is what the current polls say about us, the voting public. And I find this to be very telling. Here’s what I think we can learn from the 2010 campaign, especially when we combine our knowledge of what happened in the 2008 campaign.

We are fickle and angry. We are not politically educated, but we do know who is in office when we need someone to be angry at. We understand rhetoric but not policy. Our morals are written on our paycheck. Our votes our bought, not by big boogie-man lobbying groups, but by politicians who promise that they will deliver the economy into our wallet. We are a giant unhappy mob.

Personally, I admire more those who will have voted consistently between the last two elections. The problems haven’t changed. The solutions haven’t changed. Why are so many votes changing? Either everyone was deceived, or everyone is deceived. Either way, I find our current electorate to be almost as troubling as the current political situation.

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